RMWF – e-learning platform

A demo system of the RMWF project has been created for students to get a glimps of what the full course is. In the demo system students, may move through the chapters of the course as in the real system and can see and download the content as well. The content has been reduced to a short version of the real course.
Access here
Use the following credentials to log in:
Log in user name: rmwt-student
Password: Rmwtstudent1

Fifth Project Meeting – November 2018, Olso, Norway

On the 5th and 7th November 2018, the project partners met for the last time in QMSOFT headquarters in Olso. The focus of the meeting was the finalization of the project results, the development of the final report and the discussion about the sustainability strategy for the future. Regarding this last topic, partners identified some of the required actions to keep the project results updated and in use for the next years:
i) update of training materials;
ii) organization of new courses in Hungary and Romania;
iii) organization of courses in other countries;
iv) accreditation of courses and training centers.
Finally, the consortium agreed on keeping the project website as the project main channel for dissemination, which will contain the RMWF Guideline and training materials (short versions) ,as well as the demo version of the e-learning platform

RMWF Workshop in Portugal

The workshop, organised by EWF on the 31St October 2018, was a great opportunity for presenting the RMWF recent guideline and training materials to a panel of around 40 international and national experts, representing VET and HE institutions, as well as the industrial manufacturing sector (EWF members).
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RMWF Workshop in Norway

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Training events for staff in Romania and Hungary

Enhancement of qualified personnel skills in the field of Risk Management in Welding Fabrication happen during two training courses of 72 hours. The first stage of training was held in Timisoara form 21st of July up to 07th of August 2018, with 26 participants, while the second stage, took place in Miskolc form 8th up to 25th of September 2018.
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Fourth Project Meeting – May 2018, Miskolc, Hungary

The 4th project meeting was hosted by the University of Miskolc, on the 23rd and 24th of May in Miskolc, Hungary. During two days the consortium discussed the status of the project results: the update of the RMWF guideline and the development of the course support materials. Important decisions were taken regarding the implementation of the pilot course events, which are foreseen to happen in the upcoming months in Romania and Hungary with staff (trainers) of the partner organisations.