RMWF Workshop in Portugal

  • What?

  • Who?
    Participants were international and national experts: specialist, researchers, EWF members, representatives from vocational education and training providers and industrial manufacturing sector

  • Where?
    EWF Facilities, Avenida Dr. Mário Soares, 35, Porto-Salvo, Portugal

  • When?
    31st October 2018

  • Why?
    To raise awareness about the need of risk management applied to welding fabrications; to disseminate the project results and activities , including the Industry Report; RMWF guideline and training materials; and to gather feedback about the e-learning platform

  • How?
    The workshop, organised by EWF on the 31St October 2018, was a great opportunity to present the RMWF recent guideline and training materials to a panel of around 40 international and national experts, representing VET and HE institutions, as well as the industrial manufacturing sector (EWF members). The agenda of the event included the following:
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  • 8:30 - Welcome & Registration
  • 9:00 -10:30 Plenary session
    • The EWF Training and Qualification System
    • Development of New International Qualifications in Manufacturing
    • Tools supporting skills development and recognition at European level, an overview on Risk Management in Welding fabrication project results: i) Industrial requirements report ii) RMWF Guideline iii) Educational materials iv) Harmonised database questions for examination
  • 10:30 -13:00 Workshop
  • 13:00 -13:30 Workshops wrap-up and closing (Gathering feedbacks and assessment)
  • 13:30 Networking Lunch

The first part of the workshop was an introduction to the EWF Training and Qualification System, where the RMWF guideline is included. Then, Adelaide Almeida, provided an overview on how the RMWF project is a crucial element of the EWF strategy of skills development and recognition at European level. This part of the event was supported by a PowerPoint presentation.

The second part of the workshop, was an activity named ”WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE SPOT ?”, where participants were able to contact and evaluate RMWF e-learning platform. The results achieved revealed very positive inputs regarding its applicability, user-friendliness and usefulness in the welding learning context.