RMWF Workshop in Hungary

On the 23rd of March, the University of Miskolc organised a workshop to promote the RMWF project and the pilot-course, as well to raise the awareness of the relevant stakeholders about the existing need for Risk management training course and about the possibility the project offers.

Prof. Dr János Lukács opened the event, project manager, followed by László Tóth, Prof. Dr László Tóth "Our Life and Risk-Based Perspective". Subsequently, the RMWF project was presented, after which the Norwegian partner presented the results of the industrial expectations survey with the participants. In the second part of the event, the participating industrialists and students interested in welding have received comprehensive information on the curricula prepared along the new EWF guidelines. The workshop was concluded with a roundtable discussion where the reputable representatives of the profession and the participants could give meaningful feedback on the curriculum and its content to project implementers.

The Miskolc University will host the project events several times this year. In May, the Institute hosts a brief meeting of the project management and in September a pilot course.

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