A successful workshop on
Risk Management in Welding Fabrication

On 24th of May 2017 took place the workshop: “Risk Management in Welding Fabrication”, a public event organised by ISIM Timisoara.

The workshop was two-fold oriented: to promote the RMWF project with the pilot course and to raise the awareness of the relevant stakeholders about the existing need for such a training course and about the possibility this project offers.

For this event, the main target group of participants consist of representatives of industrial stakeholders from automotive, railway, metal construction and other industries.

First Intellectual Output on the industry requirements report has been presented to gain the multiplier effect of the event.

During the workshop, PowerPoint presentations were presented, according to the following workshop agenda:

  • 9:30 - 10:00 Registration of participants
  • 10:00 Opening speech
  • 10:05 Presentation of participants and their previous experience in risk management
  • 10:15 Presentation of the RMWF project: objectives, target group, activities, obtained/expected intellectual outputs (Dr Eng. Alin Constantin MURARIU, Project Manager)
  • 10:30 Risk-based thinking - A key concept of the new generation of management system standards (Dipl. Eng. Petru ŢENCHEA - Lead Auditor for AFNOR Certification France, EWE / IWE lecturer, President of ASRO / CT 39 "Welding and Related Processes" and member of ASRO / CT 56, ASRO / TC 223 and ASRO / CT 323)
  • 10:45 Coffee break - informal discussions with the participants
  • 11:00 Risk and Welding Process (Dr Eng. Horia DAŞCĂU, Director of Vocational Training Department, IIW Auditor, EWE / IWE and IWI Lecturer)
  • 11:15 Standard Series 31000: Risk Management (Physic. Eng. Sandu CRSTEŢI, Specialist)
  • 11:30 Implementation of the risk management system (Dr Eng. Alin Constantin MURARIU)
  • 11:45 Presentation of the EWF-640-07 Guide - Special Course EWF: Risk Management in Welding Fabrication (Dipl. Eng. Aurel PERIANU, Specialist)
  • 12:00 Conclusions: Discussions with participants on risk management in the fabrication of the welded structures.
    New requirements and ideas from participants for improving the EWF-640-07 guide; - Event Feedback
  • 12:30 Lunch - informal discussions with participants
  • 13:30 Closing workshop
The workshop was a success, attended by 49 participants from 40 institutions, specialists from SMEs involved in welding fabrication, representatives of training schools from the region/country, people from academia and R&D and specialists who already have an IWE/EWE, IWT/EWT, IWI-C certificate and wish to broaden their expertise.