Who We Are

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RMWF is the acronym of the Risk Management in Welding Fabrication project, co-financed by EU through the Erasmus+ programme. The project aims to produce an attractive education and training programme in the partner countries for qualified personnel in welding fabrication.

Our Target

RMWF addresses to the qualified personnel involved in the manufacturing sector (including middle managers, coordinators and managers joining, working stuff in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and working staff in Post Welding Heat Treatments and in cutting), to local, regional and central government offices administrations and industrial stakeholders in welding fabrication (i.e. companies in metal construction, automotive industry, railway industry and their subcontractors, associations or unions and chambers of commerce).


The project gathers representatives from four European countries, such as Norway, Hungary, Romania and Belgium. The consortium has the necessary competence to implement this project, having also the experience of other Leonardo da Vinci/Erasmus and other international projects in which the partners have collaborated.

On the partners’ section, you can read more about the experience and the competences that each partner is bringing into the development of this project.